Book: The Miracles of the Bible Viewed Differently

Bible Miracles
In this book, you will find explanations for many miracles from the Bible. Did Christ really rise from the dead, or did a spear accidentally save his life? Did the Mother of God become virginally pregnant, or did a mistranslation turn the “young woman” into the “Virgin Mary”? How was Jesus able to walk on water? Is there an explanation for the miraculous multiplication of the loaves? How is it possible for the blind, mute, paralysed or lepers to suddenly be healed? This book gets to the bottom of these and many other questions and attempts to explain the miracles of the Bible using modern knowledge.
Author: Maximilian Ledochowski, M.D.
Language: English
Publisher: Springer, Heidelberg 2024, (in press)
ISBN: 978-3-031-51638-2 (Hard cover)
ISBN: 978-3-031-51639-9 (E-Book)

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